I'm a dual Thai and German national originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I describe myself as a researcher, creative thinker and marketer. After receiving the Top in Thailand Art and Design Award during my A-levels, I decided to pursue fine arts as an undergraduate at Boston University. Currently, I live in London as a postgraduate student in International Marketing at King's College London.

My career in the arts launched in 2013 when I was invited to give a pecha kucha talk at "Engaging Minds", an international art conference hosted in Boston. A summer study abroad program in Italy made me increasingly passionate about art. Upon graduation I became the recipient of the Marianna Pineda Prize fund and my artwork was featured in Highlight Hollywood as a prize winner of the American Art Awards.

Professionally, I've worked in content development using my artistic vision for practical purposes. In 2016, I joined a skilled team of creatives at Creative Management Organization in Bangkok to develop and launch the first ever digital interactive playland in South East Asia. Described as a hybrid between a children's museum and a playground, the project went on to become a franchise in Thailand and Vietnam.

As a freelance translator with a command over 3 (and a half!) languages, I've worked with several companies attending international trade fairs as a business translator. With my varied interest in the arts, travel, market research, health and wellbeing, I strive to work with global projects and brands that advocate innovation and creativity.

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