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I'm a dual Thai-German national, currently based in Brighton and Hove. I describe myself as a creative thinker and marketer. I was a Marianna Pineda Scholarship recipient during my visual arts degree at Boston University and hold an MSc in International Marketing from King's College London.

My career launched in 2013 when I was invited to give a pecha kucha talk at "Engaging Minds", an international art conference hosted in Boston, USA. In recognition of my creative work in the Boston art scene, martwork was featured in Highlight Hollywood as a prize winner of the American Art Awards.

Professionally, I've worked in the creative industry using my artistic vision for creative development and marketing purposes. In 2016, I joined a skilled team of creatives at Creative Management Organization in Bangkok to develop and launch the first digital-interactive playland in South East Asia. Described as a hybrid between a children's museum and a playground, the project went on to become a franchise in Thailand and Vietnam.

As a multilinguist, I've worked with several companies developing strong brand content in many languages. With my varied interest in the arts, research, health and wellbeing, I strive to work with global projects and brands that advocate purpose, innovation and creativity.

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