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Research is an integral part of smart - and successful - marketing. During my time at King's College London, I took part in these research projects to pose questions towards brands, consumer psychology and effective marketing communications.



Research question: Can UberEats take action towards ensuring consumer satisfaction and have a better standing in the market amongst competitors?

A situational analysis was conducted using secondary data. Primary data collection was done via a focus group and online survey, which was designed to test 8 hypotheses about UberEats' service. Data analysis and interpretation were carried out by running statistical tests in MS Excel. 

Our research team consisted of 9 people.


Marketing Communications

Research topic: A Comparative Study: The Reflection of Culture on Gillette's Digital Communications in China and the US.

A situational analysis was conducted using secondary data. Gillette's digital ads and TV commercials in the US and China were analyzed by set criteria. Results were compared in order to draw conclusions. Findings were supported by cultural frameworks. 

Our research team consisted of 4 people.



Research topic: Head On Competitors: A Comparison of Sweaty Betty and Lululemon's Brand Identity in the UK Market.

Secondary sources were used to gauge Sweaty Betty and Lululemon's standing in the marketplace. A comparison between the two brands was drawn using Kapferer's brand identity prism and Aaker's brand personality dimensions. Five managerial recommendations were made, after comparative analysis.

Our research team consisted of 5 people.


GLOBAL Marketing

Research Project: How can we use a vigorous market selection process to launch the Ancient Greek Sandals brand in a new country?

Secondary data on five different countries were acquired to form the following analyses: PESTEL, market attractiveness, competitor's strength, fine-grained screening, Porter's five forces and Hofstede's cultural dimensions. A marketing plan was formed after Spain was selected as the most attractive market to enter. 

Our research team consisted of 6 people.



Research Project: Analyzing the launch of IKEA in an emerging Latin American market. IKEA is set to open a new store in Mexico for the first time in 2019. What are the main marketing concerns for IKEA's launch in this new market? 

An external and internal analysis of IKEA was conducted. Marketing mix and sales forecast were proposed taking into consideration the buying behaviours of Mexican consumers.

Our research team consisted of 9 people.



Research Topic: How does colour psychology influence consumer buying decisions? From logos to packaging, colour plays a large part in marketing. It can influence consumer's attitudes, cognition and behaviour towards brands.

The research was presented as a Pecha Kucha presentation on hue, value and saturation with a specific focus on "Color-in-Context Theory" as proposed by researchers Elliot and Maier.

Our research team consisted of 5 people.

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